Spacare Mineral Spa 1kg

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 Spa Care Mineral Spa 1kg

Features and Benefits:
Produce soft and natural feeling water
Moisturise your skin as you swim
Gentle on sensitive skin (perfect for those who suffer from eczema & dermatitis)
Provide natural relief to muscular complaints
Relaxes you nervous system
Conditions your hair, allowing you to easily comb your hair after you swim
Produce a mild flocking agent enhancing water providing crystal clear quality
Produce an anti-scaling agent assisting in giving longer life to salt cells, tile lines and other areas of you pool and spa that are susceptible to calcium build up

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Directions for use:
Distribute the correct dose of Spa Care Mineral Spa evenly around the spa with the pump running. 
It can take up to 12 hours to dissolve
Wait till it is totally dissolved before using the spa
It is recommended to give the filter a quick clean after the dose of Spa Care Mineral Spa has dissolved

Initial Dosage:
Add 1kg per 1,500 litres of spa water.
Also when refilling or topping up the spa with fresh water add 1kg per 1,500 litres of water added to the spa

Maintenance Dosage: 
Add 100gm per 1500 litres of spa water fortnightly when spa is being used on a regular basis.

Application rates indicated are to be used as a guide only, consult your local pool professional for more information.