Edgetec Eyeris Pulse Jet Chrome

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The Eyeris jet is designed to give optimum performance using lower water flow with increased airflow during the venturi operation.
Eyeris jets are fully adjustable, turning the jet anti clockwise for the fully open position and clockwise to the off position.
Eyeris eyeball features fingertip directional control.
Eyeris Pulse jet gives an invigorating pulsing massage.
The Easy-Out function allows jets to be removed and changed without the use of a tool.
To remove the jet with the Easy-Out function, simply rotate the jet face passed the off position (Clockwise). The Jet face will hesitate slightly and then pop out.

Eyeris Jet bodies are available in 25mm (hard plumb) and manufactured in PVC.

Jet face diameter is 72mm and hole size required is 44mm.