Davey Spa-Quip SP400 2.0kw Controller Only

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Davey SP400 2.0kw Controller.

Touchpad and Heater Sold Separately

SP400 240volt Output Sockets
PUMP 1: 1Spd Pump or 2Spd Pump
AUX: 1spd Pump or Single speed blower (Cannot be used if pump 1 is 2Spd)
SPVSB: Davey variable speed blower only
Circ Pump: Circulation pump
O3/UV: This outlet is only to be used with an ozone system
Heater: Davey SP400 heater only

SP400 Low Voltage 
1 x Touchpad Outlet
1 x Light (Davey light only)
1 x SPVSB (Variable speed blower)
1 x In Pool Temp Sensor
1 x Water/temp sensor (Sp400 heater only)

SP400 Features
*In heater temp sensor
*Max Temp 41 degrees
*Adjustable Filtration
*Programmable Load Shedding

Controller Specifications
Heater Wattage: 2000w
Max Current: 15amp
Power Lead: 15amp C-38
Power Lead Length: 5m
Heater Unions: 50mm

Controller Dimensions
Length: 196mm
Height: 156mm
Width: 90mm
Weight: 2.0kg

Comes with a 2 year warranty
*Refer to manufacturers T&C’s.

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