Spanet SV Mini 2(3.0kw) Kit - 1 x 2SP & 2 x 1SP Amp Cord and 2.5" Light

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Spanet SV Mini 2(3.0kw) Retro Kit.

Here at Spa Parts Pro we only sell quality products that we have tried and tested over the last 15 years working as spa technicians. So you know what you buy from us is good quality.


The kit contains :
1 - Spanet SV Mini Two 3.0kw Package 15amp
1 - SV Series 2.5 Multi Colour LED Light-RJ
1 - AMP Two Speed Pump Cordset 3m
1 - AMP Single Speed Pump Cordset 3m
1 - AMP Blower, Ozone, Circulation Cordset 3m

This retro kit comes complete with the following:
Controller, Touchpad, 3.0kw Heater Element, Variable Colour LED Light and 2 x Single Speed AMP Cables and 1 x Two Speed AMP Cable.

SV Mini 2 230volt outputs:

PUMP 1: Circ Pump, 1Spd Pump or 2Spd Pump (the pump on this outlet must be pushing water through the heater)

PUMP 2: 1spd Pump (10amp Max)

PUMP 3: 1spd Pump (10amp Max

BLOWER: Blower (4.5amp Max)

230V, this outlet has a constant 230volts and is not switchable (can be used to power a heat pump or any other item requiring a constant 230volts)

O3/UV, this outlet is only to be used with an ozone system

SV Mini low voltage outputs:

1 x Touch pad outlet

1 x Light (can only fit a Spanet SV Series Light in 2.5 or 5 )

1 x Heat Pump Port

1 x Wifi Port

SV Mini Power Ratings:

Input Voltage: 220-240volt 50/60hz

Rated with mains lead: 15amp max

Rated when hard wired: 25amp max

Current rating: this unit is supplied with a 15amp lead and plug but the lead can be removed and the SV Mini can be hard wired with a 25amp power supply.

SV Mini Features:

  • In heater temp sensor
  • Max Temp 41 degrees
  • Adjustable Filtration
  • Sleep Timer
  • Heat Pump Interface
  • Wifi Interface
  • Programmable Load Shedding


Control box: 315W x 210H x 85D mm

Power lead: 3m

Heater including unions: 310W x 135H x 100D mm

Heater Power Lead: 1.5m (heater lead is hard wired into the controller)

Heater Data Lead: 1.5m

Touch Pad Face Size: 130W x 60H x 30D mm

Touch Pad Hole Size 110W x 40H mm

Touch Pad Lead: 2.3m